Sunday, April 29, 2012

Millennium Boy

It's always easy to remember how old Jonathan is!

He has had a great weekend. Football, followed by lounging about, followed by dinner out yesterday, then presents this morning, then his first 12 movie at the cinema on his own with his dad this afternoon.  They saw The Avengers in 3d which they both loved.  Then Lego building, dinner (fabulous slow-cooked lamb with lemon and feta - mmmmm) and lastly birthday cake with sparklers.  I hadn't planned the sparklers but they were half price in Woolies and so much more fun than candles.

Do you remember the days when kids would draw when waiting for their meals?  Now they get out their iPods and take silly photos...

...and some nice ones too.

He had asked for a watch and Lego.  He's the only one of us who wears a watch.

This cake is rather loosely based on one of their current favourite games Minecraft.

 Happy Birthday Jonathan or should I say Jonny...?


  1. Oh these photos are so lovely Sandra, you have beautiful children. Looks like a really nice family birthday, such great memories to hold onto.
    And yes, I always dive for the sparklers when it's birthday time, they ARE so much more fun than candles... maybe a little more dangerous, but hey, some things are worth taking a chance for! Great cake too by the way.
    Happy Birthday to your Jonathan

  2. Ah, happy birthday to your boy - Lego and a watch sounds like boy heaven to me!
    Emily x

  3. Aww. Such family loveliness. I am glad to see that at 12 Jonathan is still fine with a) celebrating his birthday with a family dinner and b) receiving Lego as a birthday gift (I am encouraged now to think that our Lego investment will be a wise thing with our two boys).

    I love seeing what you get up to with your family Sandra. As your kids are a bit older, I am getting 'heads-up' :-)

    Awesome photos and as usual, an awesome cake! My hubby told me the other night that he wants to make Liam's 4th birthday cake in August (decorate more so than bake it!). I will be trawling your blog for ideas ;)

    BTW, I think I drove past you yesterday . . . that is if that was you standing outside a church in Newy. xxx

  4. I dearly wanted a millennium baby, but typically my planning went awry. Managed a 1999 and a 2001, just couldn't crack the 2000!


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