Monday, April 2, 2012

Calling all Sydney-siders!

Not so much a blog post, more of a question for any Sydney-siders who might be reading.

We are thinking about having a few nights in Sydney during the holiday and was wondering what you would recommend as good, cheap activities for a family of 7 (ages from 4 - 13).  I think we'll be staying around Darling Point and are happy to walk, bus or ferry.  Also recommendations for cheap (but good) places to eat will be much appreciated!

Obviously this is open to any non-Sydney-siders too!

Looking forward to your suggestions...


  1. Oh Sandra, you're all in for a treat, there are plenty of cost-friendly options in Sydney. The coastal walk on the Eastern Beaches is beautiful, it runs all the way from Bondi to Coogee, it's free! Of course all of the actual beaches too, Coogee, Bronte, Clovelly, Bondi. Fish & chips at Watson's Bay is lovely, nice big park and grassed area for playing. Centennial Parklands is gorgeous and totally free, again massive area for playing, a couple of parks with equipment, a little cafe for snacks... you can also hire bikes to ride around, for a small fee. Darling Harbour is good, some things cost, other's don't, but plenty of exploring to be done. The Art Gallery and Botanic Gardens are great and close to each other for ease of getting around. Ferry to Manly for a small cost. The Powerhouse Museum is another good one and The Australian Museum... that one has an entry fee, about $12 for kids I think.
    For food, if we're looking for cheap we head to the local pubs/and or clubs. There are plenty in the East, The Palace in Coogee, The Clovelly Hotel, Bondi Hotel. I've given most options for the East or city areas, as they're the ones I know best. Hope the weather keeps up this glorious sunshiny warmth for your stay... you may not want to leave if it's like this! xo

    1. Thanks so much Julie! We have done the whole Darling Harbour thing a few times, as we know everyone enjoys it, so I'm so pleased to get some new ideas and the time to explore without having to rush back. We just 'invested' in Powerhouse memberships a while ago but I'm always glad to drag them around galleries and museums. The coast walk sounds right up our street.


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