Monday, March 5, 2012

Officially old.

 I turned 40 on Saturday.  

John turned 40 2 years ago, along with a number of my friends, so I have been quite ok with it until last week.  My parents are here and staying at the home of friend's of theirs.  While we were having lunch with their friends the day they arrived, mum happened to mention that I was turning 40. Well, my heart lurched and the hairs on my arms all stood on end!  I hadn't expected that reaction!  As it turns out I have been thoroughly spoilt over the weekend, with the promise of more to come this week, which I feel is easing me in gently.

Here's my first ever photo with my glamorous ma ...

She made up a great album of 40 years worth of pictures which the kids loved. "Grandma!!  Your hair is BROWN!!",  "Grandpa, you were so skinny!", "Mum, you look like Archie!  You even have the same haircut!!",  "Is that Unc?  He was so small and cute!" (he's now over 6' tall and nearly as old as me!).

A sample of cards and one of the many balloons.  There were also some beautiful pressies.

And look what my clever girl made for me!  How fantastic is that?

John and the kids made cakes - something to do with Scotland, Australia, age and cars...  And monkeys...?  It tasted great!  The dog agreed - he managed most of the 4 by himself while we were at the beach.  Grrrrr.

Ma and Pa babysat so that we were able to go out to a Chef's Hatted restaurant!  Haven't been out for dinner since John's 40th 2 years ago.

John spent ages preparing a very sophisticated birthday lunch for Sunday.

We had to cancel the planned bbq at Blackbutt Reserve (my friend's daughter asked very sweetly if she should paint her bottom black!) but some gorgeous girl friends decided to throw an impromptu party at the beach instead.  The sun was splitting the heavens for the first time in ages and we had a lovely time with cake and bubbles.  

Maybe 40's not so bad after all.


  1. Olá Sandra,

    congratulations!! You look great. Love the pics.

    Hugs from Germany,

  2. Happy Birthday! 40 is the new 20, didn't you know? (It better be, 'cause I'm turning 50 this year!)

  3. Congratulations! You look fab. I've come to the conclusion they're only numbers ;-) If someone could just slow down the speed at which they clock up... xx

  4. Happy birthday. Btw, you're not old. You're middle aged. I am dealing with being in my early 40s too. It's been quite an adjustment. It's been a challenge in deciding what kind of middle age person I want to be. I do not want to go into the land of stretch pants and blue perms. We have more choices than ever before so frumpy is definitely out. Enjoy discovering the middle aged you.

  5. Happy birthday - how is that cushion!!! Your family and hubby did a wonderful job!

  6. What beautiful photos. Looks like you had a fab time. A belated happy birthday from me! xx

    I love the present your daughter made for you, it's beautiful, it must be very precious to you.
    Great cakes too, your family certainly look after you.
    I didn't really mind turning 40. It felt right somehow - I was feeling puffed out at being an old thirty-something and now I'm a young forty-something!

  8. Happy Birthday - 40 is not old - says the one who is 42 soon!

    Looks like some excellent celebrations and I love your cakes :)

  9. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Sandra, happy birthday to you-ooooo! (I never could sing in tune)
    Love the cushion - what a clever bean your daughter is.
    Emily x

  10. Officially wise and mature but never old!!!
    You look amazing and from all the photos you look like you had a fun weekend.
    We will be making the trip to Blackbutt with some visiting Japanese students in a week and a half to show them the koalas. On more than one occasion we have had the black-bottom jokes here too!!!

  11. Happy birthday gorgeous girl! Wow - it looks as if you have had an amazing time. Your daughters gift is fantastic - you must be so very proud of her. As for the birthday cakes - how fabulous are they?!! You look absolutely gorgeous - I'd never pick you for 40. I had only just got used to the idea of being 40 then a few months ago I turned 41 - that threw me completely. I've now decided that I'm going to be 28 (with 13 years experience)!! Have a fab week hon.

  12. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great celebration. What a talented girl your daughter is, I would be very happy with a cushion like that. Looks like your hubby went to a lot of effort also. xxx Kylie

  13. Happy, happy lovely to have your mum and dad and friends all there. Looks like you're having a fab time.

    What a clever girl you have, that's a gorgeous cushion and the cake is a masterpiece!

  14. Ohhh Happy Birthday Sandra! I love your photos, you look fabulous! Awesome cakes and looks like lots of fantastic family time. Funny that the dog ate the cake... sorry, I know it's not funny, just cute xo

  15. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fabulous time and were totally spoiled! As it should be! Cx

  16. Happy happy birthday!! Looks like you celebrated well!

  17. Thank you for all the lovely wishes!
    I love how birthdays go on for days - still getting presents every day this week!
    Meg is really chuffed with the compliments about her cushion, I really can't get over how fantastic a job she did!
    Sandra x

  18. Happy Birthday Sandra! I remember when I turned 40, didn't bother me a bit. But somewhere around 43 I started to freak out. I guess it took a while to sink in! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Did the dog really eat part of your cake? That's hilarious!!! Your daughter is going to have her own blog pretty soon, making cute cushions like that! Take care...Lynne xx

    1. Thanks Lynne, yes, he ate all but 2 pieces of the 4!! I took perverse pleasure in the fact that his tummy grumbled all evening!

  19. Just 'found' your blog. Happy Birthday, now I am off to look back at some of your old posts!

  20. Happy 40th!

    That's going to be me in two weeks time - I'm so glad to hear it's all going to be OK. I'm fretting......a little.

    Nina x


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