Wednesday, February 8, 2012


...or Flip Flops, or Jandals.  After my Converse post here, I promised a flip flop one when the weather got better.  Well the weather's not a whole lot better (may as well have stayed in Scotland frankly!) but here are all our flip flops, or flongs as Robert calls them.

You can click to enlarge.  If you want to.

Contrary to the evidence, this is not a sponsored post, although if Havaianas would like to send me a new pair, I'm a size 39...


  1. Well, I don't know what the weather in Australia is like but I'd be more than happy to be there right now (we had -25 C° here on Monday).
    Have you found a job yet?

  2. The weather here has been marginally warmer and not much wetter than a Scottish summer! Apparently the last 2 years have been the wettest since records started here!
    And no job yet...

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    2. Sorry, my last reply had some mistakes in it. Here is the corrected version:
      Well, at the moment I'd even prefer a Scottish summer to our cold weather here. ;-)
      What kind of a job are you looking for? (I you don't mind telling us.)
      I hope I wrote this properly. :-)

    3. I used to be a teacher of Religious Education in the UK (World Religions, Society and Culture, Personal and Social Education)but it really isn't taught here in the same way so no jobs. I'm open to anything at the moment!

  3. Haha, this is fabulous Sandra! I could do a fairly impressive line up of my Havaiana's too! I think I've got just about every block colour they make ;o) Hope you get that sponsorship post xo

  4. I love it! So totally summery - even if the weather isn't! Your photo reminds me of our last holiday where all the jandals were lined up against one wall - all ready for action. I have quite a jandal addiction - almost every colour possible - but the old Havaianas, which I adore, don't fit me as they make them in odd size groupings and I'm an inbetweenie. Silly blimmin' feet. Have a fabulous weekend hon - hope you get lots of jandal weather!

  5. Great photo. I can't wear flip flops, neither can my daughter. We just can't get on with them. Not that we would be wearing them today in the snow! x

  6. My footwear has been seriously upgraded since I discovered Havaianas, can't go back to cheap flipflops now.


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