Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Making and Baking

It's been a pretty dull week for the last week of the holidays.  I would be prepared to put money on the fact that the sun will be splitting the heavens on Monday morning.

We were lucky to have a nice day for our jaunt to Sydney on Sunday, although we were indoors most of the time so it wouldn't really have mattered!  We went to see the Harry Potter Exhibition at The Powerhouse Museum as part of everybody's Christmas presents.  I have never heard Jonathan say "COOOOOL!" quite so often.  It was pretty impressive but, according to John, not as interactive as the ('obviously far superior' - in his words) Star Wars Exhibition that they visited there 3 years ago.  Unfortunately the gift shop was ridiculously over-priced so Mean Mummy said "no" to souvenirs.  I was pretty disappointed that there was nothing in the pocket money range.  Before lunch we also popped into The Wiggles Exhibition (who wouldn't after all the scandal last week?!) downstairs which suited Robert perfectly.

On the train, wearing my 'Wendy' necklace

Walking through some Chinese New Year celebrations in Belmore Park

Quick muck about in fountains at Darling Harbour

So far this week we have been mostly indoors reading lots  (favourites have been Hugo Cabret, The Famous Five, Gangsta Granny, various comics, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The BFG) playing Robert's favourite Marvel memory game (he wipes the floor with the rest of us), playing with Lego, having friends for sleep-overs, watching Harry Potter (again) (and again), bickering, scrapping, tidying, although there has been some football, scooting, ripstiking and dog-walking thrown in for good measure.  I have even done some Making and Baking.

I've been working on another Isar scarf.  So simple but so suited to these lovely colour-change yarns.  I worked on this while chatting to Smallest and being swooped around by Miss Meg practising her RipStik moves.

Too fast!

Then I've been after more inspiration for the sewing machine.  I'm desperate to learn to sew properly before I mess up some very important project so I'm doing lots of mending (I do live with a lot of boys) and finding more things to do with all the scraps I have floating around.   I fancied trying an apron, although I never wear one.  Instead I just wander around with tea-towels slung casually over my shoulder.  I figured they should be fairly easy, no zips or buttons required, and did some googling.  I didn't find anything that appealed but did find an annoying tea-towel that never properly dries anything which got me thinking.  A quick trip to Spotlight,  $2 and 15 mins later and I had an apron that I actually like and have worn!

The next thing was inspired by tutorials found on Pinterest  (more specifically here and here).  I had a couple of zips hanging around and wanted to see how to attach them and came up with this.  I'm ridiculously pleased with it although it's not quite perfect.

 Then to the baking, there really hasn't been much of it these holidays so we decided to rectify that this morning.  Joseph wanted to help bake some bread, we mixed up some Granola and then baked some of Nigella's Flourless Chocolate Brownies.  I have just finished one with my cuppa and to call them divine would be an understatement.  Must resist the ones left on the plate...

We're off to read some Burns poetry for Burns Night, although sadly no haggis (must try and make one myself sometime), then tomorrow we'll be bbq-ing some snags for Australia Day.  Weather looking like it will be rubbish so not sure what Aussies do when they can't get to the beach?

Whatever you're celebrating I hope it's a good one!


  1. Seems to me a lot of productivity and fun going down! Well done on the zip - I am terrified by them, i have put a few in but can't seem to retain the know how in my stretched brain! Well done!

  2. Lots of news! Isn't always the way that the weather drastically improves when the kids go back to school...we always have a lovely September, just typical! Love the scarf what a great pattern, love the little bag also, I made a few pencil cases for a stall, fairly similar sort of thing, but my zip sewing is a little hit and miss, your apron looks cool, have you seen those little granny ones, I always fancied one of those (not much good for being an apron, just looks pretty!)

    Brownies look good, Nigella is pretty much my fave go off to google wiggles to find out what the scandal is!

  3. This is a great update Sandra. Sounds like you've been very productive amongst all the squabbling and dull moments. That is really disappointing about the Harry Potter exhibition shop, those places do really take advantage of the poor parents. Love your apron and pouch, they are just gorgeous. And the brownies look pretty darn delicious too! :o) xo

  4. If someone told me 20 years ago that I would one day Google Wiggles Scandal, I would have thought they were insane! Love to see your projects and photos of the warm weather.

  5. Ha ha - I do the 'tea towel over the shoulder' thing too!
    Love the make up bag - gorgeous fabric
    Emily x

  6. Ooh I like the sound of the Wiggles exhibition. Will have to go and check that out. Thanks for the tip!

  7. I love your post - all family fun and sewing. And the fabric for your apron is gorgeous.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina xxxx


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