Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Autumn. Or is it Winter...

Autumn in NSW is quite similar to summer in Scotland except that the evenings and nights do get very cold.  The days can be sunny and warm but as soon as that sun goes away the temperatures drop very quickly.  It's actually warmer in the sea than out at the moment!  It's a great time to get out and about without getting too hot, especially when we need to keep that vitamin D topped up.  Also it's good to get out because the houses are freezing!

My In-Laws are here just now and I keep hearing myself ask them if they're cold.  I'm never sure if we've all acclimatised or if it is properly cold as I can honestly say that I don't remember being so cold since our first wee flat in Aberdeen after we got married 18 years ago.  Ice on the inside of the windows was something I didn't enjoy! 

Anyway, due to the fact that 9 people don't fit into an 8-seater car, we didn't get to head up to Port Stephen's as I'd planned for Mother's Day and so did the 'wee dander' to the Blackbutt Reserve instead, followed by a roast dinner cooked by me .  We said hello to the koalas, wallabies, kangaroos and peacocks and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon. 

I just love the colour of the gum tree trunks against the sky. 

There is a very steep hill that we need to walk up to get home but since Granny and Granda aren't as athletic as the children I offered to drive them home.  Husband walked the kids home and No3 Boy managed to RUN up the hill in 44 secs.   He had already run a X-Country on Friday, cut the grass before going out, and won a 'hanging-on-a-bar' contest with the others at the play area, but always seems to manage to keep going.  Apparently he hung on the bar for 2 mins and 27 seconds.   They were delighted to prove Mythbusters wrong!

Monday was a beautiful morning so once everyone was deposited in the appropriate places I harnessed up Dog and headed to my favourite place to walk, with a great little coffee stop in the middle.  I sat and read 2 chapters of my book in the sunshine - bliss!  As we got up to leave I saw the clouds approaching so walked briskly back to the car!  The rain started just as I turned on the engine!

This morning I dropped the In-Laws in town for a wee wander around and took Dog to another favourite spot (no coffee involved this time).  I wish I'd taken my jacket as it was so windy we nearly got blown off the break water at one point!  It certainly blew away those cobwebs and got the blood pumping.  

Thought I would share something I baked for 'afternoon tea' yesterday.  When we headed to Erina last week for The Boy's birthday presents, we had coffee in a great organic/fair trade cafe.  I had a slice of pear and almond bread/cake.  It was so fabulous I have been on the look out for a good recipe ever since.  I came across this one and while not quite the same as the one I had in the cafe, it's pretty darned good!  I left off the flaked almonds on the top as the kids don't like them.  Enjoy!


  1. This has me craving upside-down cake. I'll have to break out the spring form!

  2. Arg! that was not Emily, but her mother. Darned kid keeps signing me out of google when my back is turned.

  3. Blackbutt reserve is such a great place to bring visitors. Our kids love to do the loop up around the kangaroo enclosures. A great place for a sunny afternoon. Now excuse me while I go find my woolly dressing gown and put on my electric blanket. brrrrr!

  4. It is very cold, I'm not keen on it... at all!
    Sounds like you've had a busy time of it. Mother's Day sounded lovely, you are a great Mama cooking a roast for everyone.
    We have gum trees at the back of our house and while the leaves are a pest and the root structure is a disaster for our plumbing, I also love the look of them against the sky... the trunks change colour with whatever the weather is doing, quite magical.
    YUM! Pear and almond bread sounds divine! I am also a big fan of pear and raspberry bread :o)

  5. Hi there -- love the name of your blog, I'm your newest follower!! Are you a 'Coastie' too?


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