Wednesday, December 7, 2011


For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere I should explain that not only is this time of year crazy here because of Christmas, but also because it is the end of the school/university year.  This, obviously, results in that overwhelming feeling of "Too Much!!".  This year I have 2 leaving their current schools and preparing for the next stage, which involves Leavers Assemblies, and Formals alongside the usual Presentation Days and Fetes.  I keep checking my calendar to confirm that I haven't forgotten anything (or anyone...) yet.  We also have Jonathan going off on a 3-day camp for the last 3 days of school which I need to remember to pay for.  Oh, and I need to remember to buy Christmas presents!

Anyway, we have been busy!  On Saturday our surrogate grandparents invited Meg to a Gingerbread House Decorating morning at their church which was great fun.  Some of the older ladies were in seriously competitive mode with very professional looking houses, while Meg's looks rather more 'age-appropriate', shall we say.

Jonathan then remembered the Ninjabread men and decided that he wanted to make a load of them to sell at the Yr 6 Leaver's Fete.

He also asked Joseph to whip up a batch of his fantastic gingerbread muffins (from Susan Reimer's Muffin book) that he is now becoming very proficient at.

We had a busy evening last night and the house smelt delicious.

I managed to find a little Gingerbread House kit so I have promised them that in the first week of the holidays they can make, and decorate, a house each.

I managed to whip up a couple of these little mug cosies for Christmas presents and posted a pic on facebook, a Lovely Lady then 'shared' my pic which was seen by some of her friends, which resulted in some orders!

And now I'm off for a cup of tea and one of Joseph's muffins to gear myself up - yum!


  1. I am feeling that too much feeling and I only have two children Sandra.I am most impressed by your kitchen, mine has a similar feel - if you get my drift!!!

    Those muffins look gorgeous!!!

    Much love


  2. Oh I love everything about your busy life in this post Sandra.
    Meg's gingerbread house looks delightful, I'm thinking Hansel and Gretel :o)
    All your pics are gorgeous, but particularly like the ones of Joseph baking, very cool! Also I will add how gorgeous your kitchen tiles are, love those multi-colours.
    I can imagine that delicious aroma in your home, perfect!
    And the mug cosies... Genius AND pretty! xo

  3. Ninja Bread men! Brilliant! Mega house is brilliant too, I bet she was very pleased with herself....what a lovely foody post, my boys all like to bake too.


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