Friday, October 26, 2012

Elijah's Elephant

John's sister, Nic, had her first baby recently.  My lot were delighted to have a cousin and began thinking about what we could give as a "Welcome to the Family" present.  After I made my Scottie Dog, Robert suggested making an elephant which, knowing how much Nic likes elephants, I thought was a great idea.

So we used the same blanket and method.  I took lots of pics in case any one might be interested in having a go themselves.  Hopefully they are pretty self-explanatory.  

Draw your choice of animal onto large paper, remember it will be a bit smaller once you take your margins into account.  Cut out and trace onto old blanket, don't forget to cut out ear shapes if you want flappy ears!

I blanket stitched around the ears...

Stitched the eyes...

Everything in the right place...

I sewed the ears on so that they flapped over his eyes, then ironed them back into place and topstitched, catching in all the ends of the blanket stitch.

His tail is just a length of a foundation chain.  All stitched up I realized his trunk got a bit skinny, will need rectify that next time I make one...

We also made some bunting for his room.  Hopefully it will be the right colours...

As modeled by Elijah's biggest cousin!

We had a lot of fun thinking and making, hope Elijah enjoys his welcome to the family!


  1. Oh wow! So beautiful Sandra! I am totally inspired and will be referring back to this post for when I make one too! The bunting is adorable. I love those colours. And I am sure if the colour combo clashed with the nursery, there would be a play corner needing the bunting to make the distinction! Really really gorgeous. xx

  2. Thats a lovely idea - might pinch that for my new niece/nephew who is due in March :)

  3. You are sooooo clever! I love the elephant - what a brilliant idea. And as for the bunting - it's fabulous! I will have to keep both of these in mind for gifts.

    Have a fab week hon,


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